If you think that having sex any time is good for your health and mood and for the time being, no, that’s not all. You will get to know about some of the best time you can possibly have sex for your good health and immunity.

The best time of day for having sex with your partner depends on how old you are. According to Dr. Kelley, a clinical research associate at Oxford University’s Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute. She said: “Your body clock changes with age, when you feel like waking up. It actually controls every body system and controls every one of the trillion cells in your body. In most things we’ve got the timings right, but we haven’t accounted for these changes”.

So when is the optimal time for each age group to make love? Here we go:

For Twenties – 15:00.According to Dr. Kelley, while they can want sex at any time of the day, there is a peak of sexual energy at this point for the twenty-somethings.

For Thirties – 8:20. A shift in body clock at this age shows that you wake up earlier. So having sex earlier (when sunlight boosts testosterone in both men and women) is a good idea.

For Forties – 22:20.The older you get, you need to go to bed earlier. Dr. Kelley recommends sex after 10pm – before you go to sleep.

For Fifties – 22:00. As bedtime gets earlier, time for making love does too.

For Sixties – 20:00. An orgasm releases oxytocin, which is a wakefulness hormone. So as you go to bed earlier in your late age, you may want to have sex sometime before trying to sleep.

For Seventies – 20:00. The same as above is true of 70-year-olds. They should rise earlier around 6:30am and will need to go to bed earlier too.

In general:
1. Morning Sex: Having sex in the morning can be your most important meal of the day. It can make you look better and make you feel relaxed. You will find yourself fit for the rest of the day and your immune system will strengthen up and the level of antibodies which protects your body against infections.

2. Before You Start a Workout: If you have sex before a serious workout session, it will help you very much as it will increase the level of testosterone so you can perform better.

3. If you Had a Bad Day:If you had experienced a really bad day or you were pissed about something, you will need something that can cool down your nerves. The best thing that can help you with that is having sex with your partner. Before you have sex, take a shower and play some music then have sex with your partner.

4. When You Have Nothing to Do: The days when you and your partner are like have nothing to plan out of the house of have office like public holidays, weekends and New Year’s day, it will be much easier to spend some quality time having sex with your partner that will last.