Blogging is such as interesting thing to do because its interesting, it motivates and can also be seen as business due to its earning potentials which is many e.g Google Adsense. To start a fitness blog or health blog, you need to seek a traffic source, example are your Facebook friends.

Also, to start health or fitness blog, you need information, materials and health tips which means you need to figure out your source of information before starting but if you are  a nurse, doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist then you have ideas to share.

How Can i Start a Health or Fitness Blog?
1. Choose Your Platform
: To start a health and fitness blog, you need a platform which is either WordPress or blogger. WordPress isn't a free platform but paid. You will pay for hosting and domain but you have full access to the fitness blog while blogger is a free platform that involves no money at all for hosting and domain registration but you will be using free domain name like

2. Choose a Custom domain: In my own little experience about blogging, you need to start a health blog with a custom domain name which is cheap and can be purchased online for as low as $10, $13 or less like $6. It will give you room to choose your own brand name and it will make your blog have some credibility in the mine of your site readers.

3. Write: To  start a health care blog or a fitness blog, you must be ready to write good content on the site for your readers. The site must pass information that help people relating to health or fitness issues. Not copied contents but original, written by you based on experience or materials.

4. Post often
Most blogs become inactive within three months, so keeping your readers regularly updated will encourage them to return.

5. Send Traffic: To start a fitness blog, you need to understand what traffic is and how it works, also to know how you send traffic to your new fitness site. There are many ways you can do that which includes sharing to your Facebook friends, twitter friends, instagram and many more.

6. Campaign for followers
Guest blogging on similar platforms, commenting on other likeminded blogs, reaching out via social media and targeted Facebook ads help to build a blog’s audience. Get your family and friends to share your page on Facebook and you might be surprised how many hits you attract!

7. Know your reader
This is key to a blog’s success and of gaining the attention of brands. Don’t become caught up in sponsored posts or adverts that don’t fit your voice, but only those you genuinely support.

8. Change lives: Believe me, you can also start a health or fitness blog if you are really ready to change lives. Because I passion to health related issues and i created a health blog to share my health ideas. So if you feel you can share your fitness tips or other health related issues, then start a blog on that.

9 Make Money: You can start a fitness blog or health blog to be financially independent. There are various ways you can make money from your blog which includes selling on the site, affiliate sales, Adsense , direct ads space and many other method.

These are best ways and things you need to start fitness blog or any health related issue.
Did you have any questions or suggestion? Please feel free to use the comment box below. 

Thanks for reading.


ughwubrusi ifeta said... 12 January 2016 at 15:18

How can I add adsense to my blog

Elekanachi Chukwuemeka said... 14 January 2016 at 14:14

Yes Sir, Health is a nice niche for adsense.