As the cliche goes ''we now live in a technological world'' where the use of laptop and cell phones have become unavailable to a large extent. There is no doubt about the benefits of using these gadgets. However, they are also a contributing factor to male infertility.

It is important to note that there are other factors to male infertility such as frequently wearing tight jeans for longer hours, excessive alcohol intake and smoking among other things, the use of laptop and cell phones also have their share.

Perhaps the name Laptop suggests where it should be and also people find it easier in terms of its usage when it's on the lap. Placing the laptop on the lap for longer hours and also with your thighs close to support the laptop increases the risk of infertility. The laptop generates heat which automatically raises the testicular temperature affecting sperm production. It affects the quality of sperm, sperm motility and can damage the DNA.

In the case of cell phobe use, most males put the phone in the pocket of the pant or trousers or shorts. The distance between the phone and the scrotum in this case is closer and as the phone vibrates or is ringing and more especially when the user fix a ear piece and receives the call while the phone is still in the pocket. It is far worse when the user conveniently uses Bluetooth hands-free while the phone is in the pocket or hooked to the side belt. As the phone is in use, Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) is emitted and this equally affects the sperm quality and viability.

As much as possible and especially for those who are trying to impregnate must do their possible best and be careful in where they keep their phone and how it's used. Laptops should not stay on the lap for longer period and even if so, don't keep the thighs too close. Better option is to place it on a desk or any surface which will keep the heat far from the scrotum. There are some phone cover cases which has a mesh shielding material in it and it reduces the EMR (electronic medical records).

This is advice to all men. Please share this post to your boyfriends, Husband, brothers and friends.

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