As we know, Food plays an important role for healthy life. It makes your body healthy and strong. It contains various disease fighting nutrients. Most of the people want to eat fast, fried and processed foods. They do not concentrate on their daily menu. It’s very importance to know the relationship between food and health. You must be very careful about what foods add to your daily menu. I want to show you top 10 healthy foods you must eat daily.

Top 10 Foods/Fruits You must Eat Everyday
Below are top 10 healthy foods you must eat daily. 
1. Egg
Egg white is rich in protein and good for healthy diet. Egg Yolk helps for weight gain. Egg white is good for hair growth. If you don’t currently have a cholesterol problems, eat whole egg. Otherwise I recommend you to eat egg white. Egg have omega-3 is good for memory power. Add Egg in your morning breakfast daily.

2. Carrot
Carrot is good food for eye and skin problems. It contains Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, and it is very useful to maintain our eye nerves healthy. Carrot is highly beneficial for weight loss. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol. In summer carrot plays an important role to prevent skin related diseases like pimples, skin allergy and skin wrinkle. Eat carrot after meals are good for health and digestion.

3. Tomato
Tomato is good food for healthy heart. It helps to prevent you from vitamin deficiency problems. It contains Vitamin C is good for skin  and healthy life. It prevents you from premature ageing. Add a vegetable salad after lunch with tomato, carrot, onion  is good for digestion and improve your health.

4. Orange
Orange is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and Minerals. It is very useful for cell growth. Drinking orange juice at night before going to bed to get a good sleep. For vitamin deficiency patients eat orange twice a day. Orange is one of the best medicine for hair loss and hair growth.It prevent you from dandruff and hair related problems. It is good for skin problems and make you look young.

5. Cabbage
Cabbage helps to cure Ulcer and other stomach related problems. It is best food to prevent cancer and other spreading diseases. Cabbage is rich in iodine helps in proper functioning of brain and nervous system. It is good food for weight loss diet.

6. Onion
Onion is essential food for Vitamin C. It is good for digestion and helps to cure stomach problems. So eat onion after meals. It is good food for summer because it keep up your body temperature from hot. Onion helps to reduce blood pressure gradually. Small red onion is very useful for diabetes patients because it has insulin.

7. Spinach
Everyone knows spinach is good for health. There are many varieties of spinach. Each one is differ with its taste and health benefits. But all kinds of spinach are good for health. Spinach contains good amounts of many B-complex vitamins such as pyridoxine, thiamin, riboflavin, folates and niacin. So add spinach in your lunch daily and makes you healthy easily. It’s also good for vision and hair growth.

8. Wheat and Milk
Wheat and milk are very important food you must add two times a day in your daily menu. Wheat has a natural property of controlling weight for all ages. It is good  for weight loss. Wheat has higher amount of fiber, So it helps to cure digestion related problems and constipation. It contains protein and starch. It is good for cell and tissue growth and helps to build strong muscles. Next Milk, Everybody know milk is best food for Calcium and Vitamin B. Drink milk morning, and evening is good for health.

9. Garlic
Garlic is rich in Vitamin B, C, Calcium and Selenium. It is one of the essential food for healthy heart. Garlic contains allicin that protects the body against cancer. It helps to improve your function of digestive system. It contains good cholesterol and keeps you fit and healthy. 

10. Nuts
Almond, Pistachio, Walnut, Cashew and Peanut are important nuts must add in your daily menu. Pistachio and Peanut contain Vitamin E, Protein, Fiber and Copper is good to improve the action of white blood cells. So our body is preventing from spreading diseases. Pistachio is good medicine for eye sight and eye related problems. Almond contains phosphorus and it is good for bones and teeth. Almond helps to produce Red blood cells and it contains Vitamin B, is good for Heart, Nerves and Liver. So Add Almond in your daily breakfast.

These are highly recommended fruits and foods for your daily menu, to improve your health day by day. With them, your body will be fully energize with vitamins, minerals and within one month your body will be ready for any kind of exercise, fitness programs, running etc.