Scientists have often debated that sex is extremely beneficial for our health, but the lack of sex in good measures can have negative effects. On the other hand, too much sex can also be harmful; if you indulge in sex for more than 3 times a week, you are exposing yourself to the risk of a weaker immune system as well as vulnerability to infections…

Also, abstaining from sex for at least a week according to some sexologists (that is sex experts), and then ‘go for broke’ (that is not having sex) gives a woman better chances of getting pregnant especially on the expected day of ovulation, as the man will produce better quality sperms by then.

10 Things Having Too Much Sex Can Do To Your Body
Some of the things having too much sex can do to an individual are many.
1. Sperms are source of nutrients to a woman
In a publication by Jill Harness in Weird Science on February 3, 2012 and later updated on February 26 of the same year, “around 15 calories ‘per serving sperm’ contains the same amount of protein as the white (that is albumen) of a large egg along with vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12 and zinc.””
The above claim is one of the reasons a good number of women begin to look more beautiful and add flesh possibly after a few months of marriage. This is due to the nutrients from the sperms supplied by their husbands to them.

2. Having too much sex could expose someone to venereal diseases   
If a person is sexually active and has several sex partners, the person might probably contract sexual transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs), which are also known as venereal diseases. Findings show that over 80% of all sexually active adults will contract one of the 25 STDs at one point or the other in their life, but may not notice immediately. Some of these STIs include staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS among others.

3. A woman becomes more attractive
When a woman has safe and regular sex, the level of oestrogen in her body (that is one of the female sex hormone) increases and doubles. This in turn makes a woman’s hair to shine more and her skin to become softer.
According to Patti Britton, a PhD holder in clinical sexology, “oestrogen seems to be the fountain of youth for women.””
Having safe sex also increases blood flow, thereby making the cheeks and lips to be prettier.

4. Sex can make you stay healthy
An individual’s immune system can be boosted by having safe sex twice a week. This will in turn increase the levels of immunoglobulin A in the body. Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that is found in the saliva and mucous linings of the nasal region. It helps to stop cold and flu before they start. They therefore prevent viruses before they get past a person’s mouth or nose. Thus, people who have regular sex produce immunoglobulin A.

5. A form of exercise
One of the important things exercise generally does to someone’s body is that it helps to maintain a balance in the functions of all the organs and systems of the body. This in turn prevents diseases. Likewise sex helps to relieve someone of stress. This is because the mood in which a man finds himself when he is about to ejaculate ensures blood flows properly throughout his body, making him to feel re-invigorated after sex. Sex also makes a woman to have a happy mood.

6. Sex changes a woman’s physical appearance
As a woman continues having sex constantly, her body shape will change. Her hips will come out more. When she becomes pregnant which is as a result of sex, her tommy will come out; thereby her flat tommy will start to fizzle out.

7. High risk of having cervical cancer
A woman who is more exposed to having cancer of the cervix must fulfill one or two of these. One, if she was not immunised when her mother gave birth to her with Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine, then she is at a high risk of having cervical cancer. The woman in turn will have abnormal dilation of the cervix which may lead to her death. The second factor is when a woman has multiple sex partners and in addition is involved in unsafe sex. The microorganism responsible for this disease is called Candida albican.

8. Erection weakness
There are some veins called varicose veins in the penis. These veins become weak when they are over-used, invariably when a man has too much sex. Also, the sperms will become watery and malnourished especially if the sexual interval is close. Likewise, if a man releases sperms more than twice a day, his energy could become drained. This is possibly one of the reasons some men die after having sex with several women because their varicose veins would have over-worked than usual.

9. Possible set in of early andropause
Andropause is also called andronopause. It is the similar to menopause in women. It affects only men. Andropause is when a man can longer produce sperms as a result of old or advanced age. Sometimes, certain diseases could cause it. It could start in some men when they get to 70 years, which is early andropause if these men had been sexually active when they were in their youth stage. Some men’s own could be when they become above 90 years.

10. Risk of urethra infection becomes high
This is when a man has difficulties urinating with other attended problems. This is common in men who have too much sex and is dangerous to their health. The other organs of the urinary system like the urethra, bladder, ureters and kidneys are also affected.