Signs and symptoms of kidney stone

Kidney stone is becoming rampant and widespread as at now.At least one in every count of 20 people develop kidney stones at some point.
First of all what is this thing called kidney stone?

 Kidney stone is caused as a result of  decrease in quantity/volume of urine or excess of stone forming substance such as: Ammonia, calcium, cysteine, uric acid, oxalate etc  in the urine.Diet or lack of exercise can also cause the formation of kidney stones.Most people got the kidney stone formation in their body from the food they eat.
Kidney stones are also hard crystalline mineral materias that is formed within the kidney or urinary tract.
People who consume certain foods that contains low fibre and high protein content are prone and are at risk to get these stones in their body.To avoid getting kidney stone disease, you should try to stay off meat,peanuts,chocolate,fish and other poultry foods.This will make you be on the safer side.Now lets look at the signs and symptoms of kidney stone.
Note: People with certain medical deformity like gouts,people who take supplements/med8cation are also prone to this kidney stone.

Signs & Symptoms
1. Dehydration
2. Flank pain
Severe pain in the flank and blood in the urine (Hematuria)
3. Sharp pain while kidney stone passes through the ureter to the bladder
4. Swelling by the side of the stomach,most times always the left hand side
5. Inability to walk straight (You find yourself better off by bending-walking
6. Infection in the urinary tract.
7. High calcium in the urine (Hyper-calciuria)
8. Kidney diseases such as renal tubular acidosis, Cystinuria, hyperoxaluria etc also increases risk of having the stones
9. People with inflammatory bowel disease (i.b.d) are also at risk.
10. People who have passed through ostomy surgery or intestinal bypass are much at risk.
11.There are some medicayions that paves way for easy access for the stones.These are: Diuretics, Calcium containing antacids, protease inhibitor indinavir (Crixivan) i.e a kind of drug used to treat Hiv infection.

Solutions/Treatment of Kidney stone.

1. Pain control medication
2. In cases whereby the stones dont pass on their own accord to the bladder  then lithotripsy/surgical techniques should be used.
3. In situations where the stones tends to go by itself through the urethra,much pain will be it is advisable to take diets with excess fluids and try to avoid solid foods to enable easy flow of the stones.
4. Shock waves is also reccomendable as it breaks down d stones into smaller particles.